Your Journey to Agility

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Agile ways of working are now the default modus of Operandi for enterprises of all sizes – from start-ups to big corporations, everyone is using Agile ways of working in some other forms.

The 15th State of Agile Report clearly concludes that agile has been embraced by a majority of organizations during COVID-19 and how the benefits of agile practices can help organizations adapt and excel in the path ahead. With changing expectations from customers and policymakers, enterprises must bring new products to the market faster and accelerate improvements to existing solutions and services. 

With 65% of companies claiming significant experience with agile, it is high time a holistic transformation approach is embedded at every level to drive the benefits.

Moving to an agile operating model is a challenging undertaking, especially for established organizations.  The path to agility is not predefined. There are different starting points and different journey maps to reach a shared transformation goal.

An org-wide transformation needs to be comprehensive and iterative. If you set out to transform your organization with traditional tools and practices, you’re bound to fail. You need a mental shift and review strategy, process, tools and all other elements of your Organisation’s Target Operating Model(OTOM). 

In order for you to change your OTOM, you need strong sponsorship and alignment from the Top Leadership. Transformations need serious leadership at all levels, more so at the top – given it entails an elaborated understanding of change across all dimensions of the organization i.e. people, process, tools and culture.

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