About Us

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Who We Are

MASSIVUE is a premier consulting and training company with a focus on adaptive value engineering, sustainability and digital reinvention services.

Our founding members and core team consist of leaders and transformation coaches who have been real life proven experience in some of the most successful enterprise transformations in Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Energy, Telecom, Travel, and IT industry.


Changing Client and Market Demands keeping you Worried?

Our specialised transformation offerings can deliver business value using our proven models and strategies.  

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What We Do

In this super VUCA world, today’s businesses need to be nimble and resilient to change. That’s where we come in. Our engagements have proven outcomes such as faster time to market, better employee engagement and greater customer satisfaction. We offer consulting, coaching and training services to build the mindset and practices that drive a culture of continuous improvement.

Our History

We’ve started our operations in Singapore in Aug 2020. Our team has a combined experience of more than 200 years of working through consulting, IT delivery, Product Management and Global Delivery models.

Our consultants and practitioners have delivered successful outcomes for agile transformation, digital transformation and sustainability transformation across APAC region. Collectively, our consultants have more than 40+ successful transformations to call upon their wisdom and stories.

We believe in collective outcomes and growth. It’s how we evolve.


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Our Approach and Strategy

We offer consulting, coaching and training services to support you on your journey. We believe in creating a value driven culture and helping our clients in becoming an adaptive organization that is nimble and responsive to change. 

Over the years with our research and thought leadership, we have contributed to creating a trust based partnership with our clients and customers.

We typically support customers through different phases of their journey. From strategy to execution, from sustainability to digital, from hyper growth to cost optimisation, from IT to HR, we have our offerings to help you grow radically!

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