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6 Skills of a Successful Agile Coach

The Agile movement grows rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. If you are considering using the Agile Methodology, you need to know how to successfully navigate the waters and make sure that you are getting the best practices to keep your team members moving forward.

Why are agile coaches important?

There are many reasons why coaches are important to an agile methodology. These include coaching and mentoring teams,  they will be the ones who help you design the process. They’re the ones who will help you track your progress and help make sure you are on the right track and ready for the next step.

What are the skills of a successful Agile coach? 

  • Facilitation and Training

In an Agile environment, the team counts on the facilitation skills of the agile coach to lead the team to higher levels of performance. As one of the essential skills for the Agile Coach, facilitation and training is about helping teams identify and achieve common objectives.  Agile Coaches must have extensive knowledge of training and a technique of spreading information to attendees/students.

  • Coaching

An Agile coach should be enthusiastic, supportive, and positive. They should have knowledge of how to coach and influence individuals and it will become immensely handy when it comes to educating highly challenging personalities.  An agile coach should also be a good listener who will actively engage with people. Moreover, team members should enjoy working with the agile coach, it is expected of an agile coach to create an environment of high trust. 

  • Effective consultant

While coaching and consultancy may differ, a good coach should be flexible and approachable in times of concern, they should have an understanding of the people they work with and provide solutions, guidance, and training to improvise.

  • Software lifecycle experience

SDLC (software development life cycle) is a structured process that enables the production of high-quality, low-cost software, in the shortest possible production time. The goal of the SDLC is to produce superior software that meets and exceeds all customer expectations and demands. An Agile coach must possess high-quality skills in the software lifecycle, they must also be experienced in dealing with complex issues which will be faced during the lifecycle of the product.

  • Business sense-making

Complex environments represent a continuous challenge for sensemaking in organizations. Continuous ambiguity exerts continuous pressure on organizations to modify their patterns of interaction, information flow, and decision-making. The agile coach should guide the organization through the ambiguity and use their expertise in identifying and fixing inconsistencies between patterns of interactions and decision-making.

  • Framework, Practices, and Tools

The Agile coaching profession requires a deep understanding of an array of frameworks along with the underlying principles and values. Agile coaches must be aware of the best practices and tools which are necessary for teams, they should also be skilled in creating a new framework from scratch depending on the team and product with the best practices and tools.

Why should we hire an Agile coach?

If you’re a manager, one of your main concerns is making your team more effective. You know that the most effective teams are agile. You don’t know how to make your team more agile, so hiring an agile coach is your best option. An agile coach can help you become an agile manager. They will help you to set up and run an agile team. They will help you to understand what the agile process is. They will help you to understand what agile is, and how to make it work for your company. They can help you to analyze your team and set up an agile board. They will help you to understand how to get buy-in from your team. They will help you to run agile retrospectives and take a team from a team that just muddles through and turn it into a team that meets its goals.

What to look out for in an agile coach?

Searching for an agile coach can be a challenge, but it’s an important step. An agile coach can help your team get started on the right foot. They should have experience working with agile, which is one of the most effective practices in the world. They should also be familiar with both Scrum and Kanban. Keep your eyes peeled for someone who is passionate about agile and has experience. Find someone who is willing to help you on your journey and will be open to feedback.


Adopting Agile is not easy, you will face a lot of difficulties in your transformation, Agile Coaches will guide you and help you in your agile journey but agile is more than a methodology, it’s a mindset for high performance. At Massivue, our agile coaches are experienced agile practitioners, Our coaches will help operationalize your vision with an agile strategy and roadmap for change, get in touch today!

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