Join Our Webinar: A Roadmap for Success in Product Ownership and Management

21st January 2023, Saturday 12 PM to 1 PM IST.

Career Growth as a Product Owner and Product Manager: A Roadmap for Success

Get guidance on career growth and success in product management roles.

Identify the skills and experiences necessary for advancement, building leadership skills, and using data and design thinking principles in product development.

Learn the importance of aligning customer and company values in order to engage customers.

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of product managers believe that product management is a leadership role
Estimated increase in profits by a fully optimized product manager
of products delivered by companies fail to generate revenue
of companies are Increasing their hiring for product roles

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Structured and Pragmatic Learning

Product Mastery: The Path to Exceptional Results

Product management is a challenging & demanding skill set. With a number of product management roles available, many people get into product management but they lack the necessary skills to succeed as a product manager.

Many companies that have adopted Scrum for their product delivery, find Product Owners struggling to deliver business outcomes or create the desired impact. Companies spend a significant amount in enabling the product owners with regular certifications & repetitive training which usually yields no benefits.  

Whether you’re just getting started as a product owner or have years of experience in the product management space, this webinar will walk you through the opportunities for growth and the necessary skills required to succeed in your career.  

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