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Product Leadership is all about creating value!

With the increasing popularity of Scrum, we see a great emphasis on Product Owner role in the field.  

Many companies have product owners, product managers and product officers for dwelling into the details of business operations, marketing, sales, benefits realisation and so on. 


Download the Product Leadership Pathways

Download the Product Leadership Pathways PDF to share with your leaders, L&D and Business Sponsors. 

Learning Pathways for every product leader

The expectation from Product Owners vs the function of Product Managers and the ambiguous relationship with Project/Programme Managers - create more confusion than clarity. Over the years, working with many organisations on their transformation journey, we realised the need of having an structured learning plan which caters for Product Managers and Product Leaders across the board.


Already certified with 2 days PO certifications? Consider Pathways

Whether you're just getting started or working as an experienced product manager, we have a learning path to drive growth and knowledge forward. 

Product Leadership Learning Pathways

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Delivery Expertise

Our trainers are expert delivery leaders with successful track record of delivering projects and products.

Experiential Learning

All our courses and certifications are based on experiential learning - we learn by doing and by use case discussions.

Practical Techniques

Our trainers provide a toolbox of techniques and approaches that you can use throughout your program/projects

Proven Results 500+ Students

We've piloted this course with Financial organisations on their agile journey. Attendees find it relevant, useful and pragmatic

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