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Meet Our Leadership Team

We're passionate about empowering businesses and individuals. Our leadership team's extensive experience, diverse skillset and collaborative approach translate into transformative learning outcomes and tailored consultancy solutions.

Sandeep Joshi

Managing Director
Sustainable Agility | Executive Transformation Leader | Speaker | Author | Coach

Manasi Joshi

Director Operations
Adaptive Value Engineering | Modern Organisation | Training | Consulting

Balaji Sathram

Enterprise Agile Coach
Agile Transformation | Authorized Trainer (ICAgile ICP, ICP-ACC and ICP-BAF) | Product Coach

Meet Our Advisory Board of Directors

Our Advisory Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished leaders with extensive experience in diverse industries and a deep understanding of the evolving market landscape. They bring valuable strategic guidance and diverse perspectives to our company, helping us navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and fuel our continued growth. We are grateful for their dedication and expertise in shaping the future of MASSIVUE.

Christine Johnson

Advisory Board Director
Global Executive Leader | Enterprise Transformation at Scale

Ellen L.

Advisory Board Director
Global CFO, Technology, Industrial and Electronics E-commerce company

On Demand

Individuals: Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed workout plans for all levels and goals;
  • Tips on proper form, technique, and progression;
  • Access to a community of experienced trainers and bodybuilders.


Groups: Instructor led online live sessions for remote teams
  • Meal plans and recipes for all levels and goals;
  • Tips on portion control, supplement usage, and hydration;
  • Access to a community of experienced nutritionists and bodybuilders.


Groups: Train your employees at your choice of facility
  • Techniques for reducing muscle soreness and inflammation;
  • Tips on proper rest and sleep, stretching, and foam rolling;
  • Access to a community of experienced trainers and bodybuilders.


Groups: Get your teams on multi-day cohort based learning
  • Tips on motivation, visualization, and goal-setting;
  • Techniques for overcoming obstacles and staying focused;
  • Access to a community of experienced trainers and bodybuilders.
Client Testimonials

Massivue wasn't just another consultancy firm; they were a true partner in our transformation journey. Their expertise, dedication, and collaborative approach helped us unlock our full potential. We highly recommend their services to any company looking to achieve meaningful and sustainable growth.

Wan-Ying Tay
COO, Leading Bank
Client Testimonials

It was great to learn about Agile Product Delivery. The bootcamp was super fun and valuable. Must attend for product owners who are looking to enhance their knowledge in product management area.

Gopal Mantur
Team Leader
Client Testimonials

I have attended my first SM in Australia but this course was way better in terms of content and delivery. The depth at which this course was taught was simply amazing. It was a great learning experience.

David Falcone
Project Manager
Client Testimonials

I am really glad to see the pragmatic approach of MASSIVUE consultants. We've hired them for our product delivery model transformation and it was great to see them deliver significant change in a short span on time. I highly recommend Massivue.

Bart Draese
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