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Leadership Enablement is critical for success in new normal

Over 15 years ago, I attended my first leadership training called “Learning to Lead” as part of 10 people cohort organised by my employer. This training stayed me for a very long time and shaped my path forward as a leader.

When we talk about Leadership, it’s a topic that has seen huge amount of research, articles, blogs, videos and courses over last 2 decades. Yet, this is an area which seems so new, so fresh and so dynamic. There is no single recipe for becoming a good leader and the path from good to great is simply unchartered & covered with many unknowns.

In today’s world where information & knowledge are omnipresent, understanding & finding an effective enablement path for leaders has become extra-ordinary difficult.

Let’s understand what Leader Enablement means:

Leader enablement (noun) : the strategic, iterative process of providing leaders with the tools, training, process, and coaching they need to lead more effectively–within the flow and context of leading their teams toward achieving organizational goals.

The need for leadership enablement has never been more critical. Companies of all sorts realize that to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need leadership skills and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past. There is also a growing appreciation that high performance requires leadership enablement at every level (not just for C-Suite or Board members). The great resignation has also reflected on the need of enabling leaders. When we say people are leaving their leaders, not the organization; it inherently mandates the need to enable our leaders if organizations want to stay relevant.

I’ve recently ran a poll on LinkedIn to understand how organizations are approaching leadership enablement. Sharing the results below, which was not a surprise to me:

It is clear from the responses that “Specialised Program by Experts” is the most favoured option. Many companies we work with are now demanding customizable, trackable, and measurably effective learning options for leadership / executive education.

In the HBR article, The Future of Leadership Development, you can find great insights about various options and their comparative benefits and disadvantages.

When we started designing Adaptive Leadership Pathways with our leadership experts and coaches at Massivue, our aim was very clear – to develop a structure program to enable leaders at all levels for the new normal.

What’s the way forward?

For Chief Learning Officers and L&D managers, it is important not to overlook the specialised programs and coaching vendors. In these competitive times, where big business schools and consulting vendors are offering leadership enablement programs in bulk, one must look at the quality and impact of the programs. At Massivue, we strive to deliver business outcomes (not simple # of hours or # of people trained). The ability to deliver impact requires a high level of confidence, commitment and carefully crafted coursework. We invite you to experience our Adaptive Leadership Pathways and give your leaders an opportunity to grow and enable growth around them in the new normal.

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