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The evolution of Agile Coaching


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The evolution of Agile Coaching

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The narrative that has been started with Capital One’s elimination of their agile family of jobs, is creating rounds and the industry is recognising that simply implementing agile process and practices is not the goal.

The recession worries and cost cutting across the industries are driving ROI discussions for each enabler or facilitator roles. It’s not just about agile coaches. And it has started much earlier than Jan 2023. In last 8 months, we met over 40+ transformation leaders and interviewed over 50+ seasoned agile coaches to co-create the evolution of agile coaching. From cargo-cult agile implementation to outcome driven approach.

We will be launching our PoV on 09 March 2023 around the next evolution of agile coaching. We encourage all agile practitioners, coaches and leaders to join us on our launch event and share their perspective. We’re at a pivotal moment to set the path forward for agile coaching.

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