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Accelerate Business Agility

Business Agility requires greater collaboration between the business functions to deliver end to end business outcomes. In order to accelerate business agility, there are some key activities and actions you can take which are described in the section below: Key actions to master your agile transformation and fast-track your way to business agility
  • Check your agile readiness to determine the degree of agile maturity and figure out the potential for improvement.
  • Coach and develop your team to become high-performing and self-organized.
  • Conduct training sessions on agile essentials, SAFe, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Leadership, and Kanban to enable individual teams to work agilely.
  • Boost leadership effectiveness by helping leaders become agile leaders.
  • Use agile requirements engineering to support product owners and business analysts in the area of business analysis and methods.
  • Set-up agile portfolio management to fulfil your strategic goals with smart agile portfolio management.
  • Temporarily have externals play agile roles during the operational implementation of the agile transformation such as scrum master and product owner.
  • Adapt goals in an agile way with objectives key results (OKR) and help your people to focus.
  • Adapt pricing models by implementing agile fixed prices into your business and review your purchasing processes.
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