Unlocking High Performance for Teams

Unlocking High Performance for Teams | performance MASSIVUE
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What I will learn?

  • This course will help you create the ground rules and structure to set your team up for success.
  • You will gain the skills to diagnose issues such as conflicts, groupthink, and lack of commitment in your team before they get out of control.
  • The course offers frameworks to adjust team behaviours and get the best performance out of your people.
  • You will also understand frequent stumbling blocks for common team types, such as start-ups and virtual teams, and learn solutions tailored to each one.

Course Curriculum

Establish Team Alliance agreeing on how to work together.

  • Testing

Diagnose Team Problems Understand problem areas

Build trust sharing and opening up to build psychological safety.

Share feedback: building on individual and team awareness.

Drive performance: turn your reflection and learning into action.

Coaching Emotionally Intelligent Teams

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Why should you join the Unlocking High Performance for Teams Course

Designed For Managing Teams

In this course, learn how to Understand how to unlock potential, which Sets you apart as a leader with proven expertise. Stay relevant in today’s job market, Spearhead increased productivity and deliverables.

Become expert in Leading Teams

Improve team management and collaboration, and Cultivate a healthier work environment. Learn how to set yourself apart as an expert in your field.

Why Should Employees Consider Unlocking High Performance for Teams Course?

Why Should Organizations Choose Unlocking High Performance for Teams Course?

Material Includes

  • Courseware


  • None

Target Audience

  • Teams, Individuals who wants to shift to high performance
  • Business Professionals looking to lead teams
  • Managers and leaders wanting to understand the patterns of high-performing teams
  • HR professionals looking to gain deep understanding of High Performing Teams
  • Start-ups and Co-Founders

About the Unlocking High Performance for Teams Course:

Teams are the foundation of modern organisations. High performing teams communicate well, happier and deliver better business outcomes. Based on years of team culture research and consulting experience, this course helps you understand the problems that hurt productivity, and gives you tools for creating positive change. This course also guides you through creating the ground rules and structure needed to set your team up for success. Creating High-Performance Teams is an immersive and experiential one day program facilitated by our world-class faculty and executive coaches.

What Participants say?

All the trainers were excellent, very professional and knowledgeable and created a positive learning environment.
y10 1 | performance MASSIVUE
Alyssa P
Fisher Leading Bank, Singapore

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