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SAFe Agile Software Engineering | Agile Software Engineering MASSIVUE
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What I will learn?

  • Define Agile Software Engineering and the underlying values, principles, and practices
  • Apply the Test First practice to create alignment between tests and requirements
  • Utilize the test infrastructure
  • Create tests with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Outline models for communication and representation
  • Design from context
  • Build applications with code and design quality
  • Collaborate on intentional architecture and emergent design
  • Create an Agile software engineering plan
  • Create Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF)

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Agile Software Engineering

  • Lesson 1: Agile Software Engineering Practices
  • Draft Lesson

Connecting Principles, And Practices To Built-In Quality

Accelerating Flow

Applying Intentional Architecture

Thinking Test-First

Discovering Story Details

Creating A Shared Understanding With Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Communicating With Models

Building Systems With Code Quality

Building Systems With Design Quality

Implementing With Quality

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Why should you join the SAFe Agile Software Engineering Course

Extra-ordinary curriculum

Build a test-first, principle-based team environment and technical infrastructure. Learn how do Agile teams use BDD to create a shared understanding.

Agile Software Engineer are in high demand

Learn How do we build in quality throughout the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Why Should Employees Become Registered with SAFe Agile Software Engineering?

Why Should Organizations Choose SAFe Agile Software Engineering?

Material Includes

  • Course materials
  • Remote learning via SAFe® Virtual Classrooms
  • Access to SAFe® Collaborate, a visual online workspace
  • One-year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform
  • Access to content, tools, and resources you need to practice SAFe every day
  • SAFe Agile Software Engineer certification exam


  • Understanding of SAFe® for Teams
  • Background in engineering, development, managing development, or quality assurance

Target Audience

  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Senior Managers

About the SAFe Agile Software Engineering Exam & Credential:

In the Agile Software Engineering course, you’ll learn how modern practices including XP, behavior-driven development (BDD), and test-driven development (TDD) enable continuous value flow and built-in quality. This interactive, three-day course also gives you guidance and tools to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams. The Agile Software Engineering course will give you and your team the knowledge and tools to apply and build a test-first, technical infrastructure. You’ll learn how to detail, model, design, implement, verify, and validate stories in a SAFe continuous delivery pipeline, and how to use automated testing. And you’ll develop a foundational understanding of Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles that you can apply in everyday practices.

What Participants say?

I love this book because it has been really helpful to me as a software engineer. It has been a valuable resource to me as I continue to learn the ropes of software engineering.
daniel monteiro 643335 unsplash | Agile Software Engineering MASSIVUE
Madeline R
Software Engineer, Australia


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