Certified Enterprise Product Leader (CEPL)

Certified Enterprise Product Leader 1 | Product Leader MASSIVUE
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Course Prerequisite(s)

What I will learn?

  • Understanding the role of enterprise product leader and what the craft of product leadership involves.
  • Understand why the enterprise product management team exist and how they support the flow of work. Understand how the enterprise product leaders can drive optimum value through the expertise of product management team
  • Learning product vision and strategies using real life examples. Understand the different elements of a good strategy and how to craft one.
  • Creating a product vision using Product vision canvas
  • Learn most common decision frameworks that as a product leader you can choose to drive structured discussions of trade-offs and prioritisation.
  • Understand how you can track the metrics effectively, which metrics are easy to implement, which need manual efforts and so on.
  • Learn about different touchpoints available to you to engage in value creation. Understand how as a product leader, your engagement can bring value faster.
  • Learn how you can create a value centric culture using the power of empathy and trust. Understand hidden challenges of the enterprise product management team and your delivery teams through different approach shared during this session.

Course Curriculum

The Enterprise Product Leadership Craft

  • Key Leadership Characteristics
  • Key Expectations

The Enterprise Product Management Team

Understanding Vision And Strategy

Defining Product Strategic Outcomes

Understanding Enterprise Value

Embedding Customer Value, Innovation, And Sustainability With Enterprise Strategy

Articulating Value

Decision Making For Value Delivery

Understanding Metrics And Outcomes

Enabling Product Lifecycle

Being A Role Model For Value Delivery

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Why should you join the Certified Enterprise Product Leader Course

Curriculum for real life

This Course Focuses On Pragmatic Use Cases And Dwells Into Practical Examples To Create Experiential Learning for CPOs, Senior Product Owners and Product Leaders.

Enterprise Product Leaders Are In High Demand

Enterprise Product Leaders Are Paid An Average Annual Salary Of $180,000. It Is Highly Sought After Career In All The Agile Organizations And Company Going Through Their Agile Transformation Journey and Product Delivery Transformations.

Why Should Employees Become Enterprise Product Leader?

Why Should Organizations Choose Enterprise Product Leader?

Material Includes

  • Courseware


  • You will need to have completed formal Agile training such as our Agile Fundamentals course or Agile Delivery Advocate course. You also need to understand your organization’s product development process, project & portfolio management approach, funding & benefits tracking approach. Exposure to stakeholder engagement is essential. Prior exposure to strategic decision making and enterprise risk management concepts would also be beneficial.

Target Audience

  • Chief Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Senior Product Owners
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Program/Senior Project Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Product Subject Matter Experts
  • Auditors
  • Sponsors
  • Financial Decision Makers
  • Risk Managers
  • Senior Business Leaders exploring agile ways of working
  • Senior HR professionals looking to gain deep understanding of Product Leadership

About the Certified Enterprise Product Leader (CEPL) Exam & Credential:

Creating business value aligned with strategic goals and maintaining a view of value creation throughout the journey is both art and science. This course is designed for Chief Product Owners, Senior Product Owners and Senior Product Managers to extend their approach towards enterprise product leadership. In this advanced certification course, you will explore and understand how to drive end to end value of an initiative in terms of business value, enterprise governance and strategic alignment. You will learn how to track the business value throughout the product delivery. This certification course introduces value delivery using adaptive planning and focusing on customer centricity. You will learn how to build the right products, for the right customers, at the right time while reducing waste. The key focus is product leadership i.e., leading the product fit, business value and benefits from idea to operation. The Enterprise Product Leader certification verifies that the holder possesses the skills for successful Product Leadership. Designees will be able to understand the responsibilities of the enterprise product leader role, create strategic alignment on business value and product delivery, embed aspects of customer value, innovation and sustainability in the product lifecycle and become a role model for the wider organisation to spread the product leadership competency. 


Step 1: Take the 2-day course and get instructed by Authorised MASSIVUE Trainers. 

Step 2: Create login credentials on successful completion of course (instructions will be emailed by MASSIVUE team). 

Step 3: Take the 1 hour online CEPL test which comprises of 50 MCQs  

Step 4: Score a minimum of  75% to pass the CEPL test, after completing the course. 

Step 6: Once the test is cleared, you will be requested to accept a license agreement. 

Step 7: After accepting it, you will receive CEPL designation & a 2-year membership from MASSIVUE.  

What Participants say?

I would recommend this course to every Product Owner and Product Manager because it is the perfect blend of theory and practice and delivers the best training I have seen. The exercises were perfect and the curriculum was designed in a way that you don't get bored. The delivery was also very engaging and interactive. I am so glad I attended this course because it has definitely helped me in my day to day work.
james gillespie 714755 unsplash | Product Leader MASSIVUE
Stella Fisher
Leading Bank, Singapore


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