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What I will learn?

  • Master Leadership Skills - The hands-on curriculum covers the entire spectrum of skills and several tools needed to become effective managers and leaders
  • Sharpen business acumen in areas like planning, strategy, performance, and negotiation that can be applied across industries and contexts
  • Apply growth mindset and leadership approaches in preparation for leading teams and larger projects and initiatives
  • Focus on Experiential Learning - The focus of the program is to provide practical hands-on assignments to the participants to drive the concepts understanding for application in their environment

Course Curriculum

Leadership Fundamentals
The focus of this module is to introduce learners to the key characteristics that will help future managers to become good leaders too. It will help learners evaluate themselves against these attributes and establish their target areas of improvement.

  • Key Leadership Characteristics

Deep dive into the various dimensions of personality and use scientifically validated frameworks to get a detailed understanding of your personality. In this module, you will learn how others see you and how personality influences decision-making.

Team Building and Motivation
Learn what science says about human needs and the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that drive people. The module uses cases to help you learn and practice various techniques to motivate yourself and your stakeholders.

Managing Performance
In this module, learn how to address performance challenges within your team, provide feedback, and align objectives. This leadership programme module guides how to set performance goals, monitor and measure progress towards those goals, and give feedback to employees.

Decision Making for Leaders
Like our personality, heuristics and biases play a crucial role in our ability to make decisions. This module introduces future leaders to decision-making and biases through practical and real-life scenarios.

Influence and Persuasion
There is a fine line between influencing and manipulating. In this module, you will learn and practice the core techniques of persuasion and how they can be used to influence others positively. You will also learn how to identify when you are being persuaded and how to navigate through such waters.

Managing Stakeholders
Use an industry-recognized framework to turn these stressful situations into simpler problems you can analyse without getting bogged down. This module helps you prepare yourself to face headwinds as you grow to be a future leader.

Learn how to navigate effective negotiations that result in positive outcomes for everyone

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Why should you join the Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate

Designed by Leaders for Leaders

The content is curated from executive leadership coaches who have helped leaders across industry and geography to achieve high performance outcomes

Adaptive Leadership is the need of the hour

Leading in uncertain times is an extra-ordinary challenge. Leaders face unforeseen challenges working in a VUCA world. They need new skills that can help shift towards growth mindset. Adaptive Leadership is the need of hour.

Why Should Leaders Consider Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate?

Why Should Organizations Choose Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate?

Material Includes

  • Courseware

Target Audience

  • Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate is a structured Leadership Program for early leaders.
  • Early career professionals
  • First time Managers & Leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • Technical Leaders
  • Start-up Leaders
  • Start-up Founders

About the Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate (CALA) Exam & Credential:

Designed for early career professionals with up to seven years of experience, who aspire to become team and people leaders. This program sharpens core business understanding, dives into effective day-to-day leadership and execution, examines self-leadership, and provides a robust self-development plan. 


Step 1: Take the 4-week course and get instructed by Authorised MASSIVUE Trainers.  

Step 2: Create login credentials on successful completion of course (instructions will be emailed by MASSIVUE team).  

Step 3: Take assignments and evaluations at the end of each module 

Step 4: Take the 1-hour online CALA Final Exam and Evaluation.  

Step 5: Score a minimum of 75% to pass the CALA test, after completing the course.  

Step 6: Once the test is cleared, you will be requested to accept a license agreement.  

Step 7: After accepting it, you will receive CALA designation & a 2-year membership from MASSIVUE.  

What Participants say?

I think this is an essential tool for anyone who is in their early career. The program is designed to help you become a better leader and with that, more effective in the workplace. The program is also helpful for anyone who is looking to improve their own leadership skills. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to advance their career.
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Manaswi Sahu
Fintech Startup, India


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