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Registered Product Owner@Scale™ Certification Training

Unlock the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a Product Owner at scale. This comprehensive certification training provides you with the expertise to coordinate multiple teams, drive product success, and deliver customer value in today’s complex business landscape.

About this Course

The Product Owner@Scale™ Certification Training course teaches the responsibilities of the Product Owner, and enterprise leadership in a variety of large-scale contexts.

Students who complete Product Owner@Scale™ Certification Training comprised of at least 14 hours of live instruction time covering all Learning Objectives with a Product Owner@Scale™ Certification Training are eligible to take the credentialing exam and earn their PO@S credential.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Why Agile?
Lesson 2: History of Agile
Lesson 3: Agile Mindset and Principles
Lesson 4: Cultural Challenges
Lesson 5: Agile Business Value/ Benefits
Lesson 6: Scrum Roles
Lesson 7: Scrum Master Role in detail
Lesson 8: Scrum Master Services
Lesson 9: Scrum Events
Lesson 10: Scaling Scrum
Lesson 11: Working with Multiple Scrum Teams
Lesson 12: Working with Distributed Scrum Teams
Lesson 13: Hands-on Simulation
Lesson 14: Organisational Transformation Case Studies
Lesson 15: Scrum Master Career Road Map
Registered Product Owner@Scale™ Certification Training

This Course Includes: -

Valuable Lessons
All Level
Certification of Completion

Materials included : -

Soft copy of the course material

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Prerequisites

No specific prerequisites are required for this course. Whether you’re an experienced Product Owner, have real-world Scrum experience, or are new to Scrum, our program is designed to empower and equip you for success.

Who is this course for?

Product Owners
Chief Product Owners
Product Managers
Transformation Leads
Senior Leaders
Scrum Masters
Agile Coaches
Business Analysts

What will I learn?

How to scale Product Owner
Insights and strategies from our success scaling product management and product ownership in businesses around the globe
How to be a successful Group Product Owner or Chief Product Owner.

Certification Process

Step 1: Take the 2-day course and get instructed by Authorised Massivue Trainers.
Step 2: Create login credentials on successful completion of course (instructions will be emailed by Massivue team).
Step 3: Take the 1-hour online test which comprises of 50 MCQs.
Step 4: Score a minimum of 75% to pass the test, after completing the course.
Step 5: Once the test is cleared, you will be requested to accept a license agreement.
Step 6: After accepting it, you will receive designation & a 2-year membership from Massivue.


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Professional Certification

Upon course completion & passing the exam, you’ll receive a certification from Massivue Academy, a professional credential to increase your career prospects.


Unlock the potential for your organisation to drive growth by effectively coordinating Scrum Teams, streamlining operations, aligning around priorities, and fostering transparency. You’ll empower your teams to deliver value faster, staying competitive and adaptable.


Coordinated Efficiency


Alignment for Growth


Agile Streamlining


Transparent Success
What our customers say about us...

60% of what you do is about energy. I’ve never seen my teams collaborate so closely or work so fast.

Vartika P
Leading Tech Firm, Banlgaore
What our customers say about us...

he Registered Product Owner@Scale™ Certification Training has been a game-changer. It transformed how I lead my teams, fostering close collaboration and agility. I'm seeing exceptional results like never before.

Jane K.
Product Manager, Singapore
What our customers say about us...

This course has had a profound impact on our team's energy and efficiency. We now work faster, collaborate closely, and have witnessed a remarkable 60% improvement. It's a must for Product Owners.

Alex R.
Technology Director, New York

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