Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Consulting

Enabling Sustainable Growth through Risk Management and Opportunity Identification.

Our Services

Accelerating Sustainability via SustainAgility

Massivue’s SustainAgility Practice helps organisations in planning, sourcing, delivering, funding, and measuring the broader impact of their products and services, while providing guidance on a wide range of sustainability issues, working with clients ranging from corporate giants to start-ups. Our team specializes in identifying sustainability risks and opportunities, helping organizations harness them for the greater good of the planet while enabling sustainable growth through risk management and opportunity identification.

What we offer

Sustainagility consulting

Creating integrated sustainability blueprint for accelerated growth

Net Zero roadmap

Establish carbon blueprint and track your net-zero roadmap

Assessments and action plans

Uncover risks and opportunity through Materiality and ESG assessments

Sustainagility Advisory

Massivue’s sustainagility advisory services help organisations develop and implement sustainable business practices, including strategy development, reporting and disclosure, carbon and energy management, supply chain management, and ESG due diligence.

We provide tools, guidance, and expertise to help companies reduce their environmental impact, improve their social and governance practices, and meet regulatory and investor requirements. Our services include developing roadmaps, setting targets and KPIs, conducting assessments, advising on frameworks, and identifying mitigation strategies. By partnering with Massivue, organisations can align their sustainability goals and values with their business practices for long-term success.

Sustainable Finance

Massivue’s Sustainable Finance services include ESG integration, sustainable investment strategy development, climate risk assessment and management, sustainable financial product development, impact measurement and reporting, ESG due diligence, sustainability reporting and disclosure, and stakeholder engagement. Our services help clients integrate sustainability considerations into their financial decision-making, develop strategies aligned with long-term sustainability objectives, and measure and report on the impact of their investments.

By partnering with Massivue, clients can manage climate risks, develop sustainable financial products, engage stakeholders, and meet regulatory and investor requirements.

ESG Due Dilligence

ESG due diligence is a critical component of sustainable investment decision-making. At Massivue, we help clients identify ESG risks and opportunities associated with potential investments, mergers, and acquisitions. Our ESG due diligence process involves assessing material ESG risks, evaluating the target company’s sustainability practices, and identifying potential areas for improvement.

We provide clients with a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for ESG integration into their investment decision-making process. By conducting ESG due diligence, clients can make informed decisions that align with their sustainability goals and values and contribute to the greater good of the planet. Contact US

What we can do for you

Here at Massivue, we help our clients by providing them with programs and engagements that will set them for success.

IBM Envizi ESG Suite

IBM® Envizi ESG Suite is SaaS that consolidates enterprise ESG data for analysis and reporting. Massivue's certified experts can help drive Envizi implementation for your carbon management journey.

Sustainability Trainings

Massivue's sustainability training services help clients enable their employees on sustainability reporting, carbon management, ESG data validations, sustainability strategy and operations.

Sustainability Ops

Massivue's Sustainable Ops services help clients to augment fully cross-functional squads from Massivue to drive sustainability reporting, sustainability program management, scorecard rollout and so on.


Our engagements deliver an average of 300% ROI when they consult with us!


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