Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate

Elevate your leadership with the Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate (CALA) Course. Grow into a confident team leader.
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About this course

The Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate (CALA) program is meticulously designed for early-career professionals, nurturing their leadership aspirations. Tailored for those with up to seven years of experience, CALA acts as a catalyst for emerging team and people leaders. This transformative program hones core business acumen, empowering individuals to excel in day-to-day leadership and execution. CALA’s immersive journey delves deep into the intricacies of self-leadership, fostering profound self-awareness. Moreover, it provides a dynamic and comprehensive self-development plan, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to thrive in the ever-evolving professional landscape. Embark on this transformative journey and unlock your full leadership potential with CALA.

Course curriculum

Leadership Fundamentals

Key Leadership Characteristics


Understand your decision making process

Team Building and Motivation

Vision And Strategy Examples

Managing Performance

Aligning Outcomes To Roadmap

Decision Making for Leaders

Decision making with scenarios

Influence and Persuasion

Core techniques of persuasion

Managing Stakeholders

Learn stakeholder management with industry-recognized framework


Navigate effective negotiations
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This course includes:

Material Included

  • Courseware

Clarifying Your Concerns

Find clarity on important aspects of our course with these FAQs.

The Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate program is tailored for a wide range of participants, including early career professionals with up to seven years of experience who aim to develop their leadership skills. It is also suitable for leaders in various contexts, such as startup leaders and industry leaders.
This program offers not only career benefits but also contributes to organizational and team growth. It enhances leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and team collaboration, ultimately boosting your career prospects while fostering overall organizational and team development.
Absolutely! This course is ideal for those looking to proactively develop leadership skills, whether in a current leadership role or aspiring to one.
There are no specific prerequisites. The course is open to professionals with varying levels of experience and expertise.
The program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace. It typically takes several weeks to complete all modules, but you can adjust the timeline to fit your schedule.

Course Pre-requisites

CALA is open to early-career professionals with up to seven years of experience, driven to ascend as influential team and people leaders. Prior familiarity with basic leadership concepts is advantageous but not mandatory. A passion for leadership and a commitment to personal growth are your greatest prerequisites. Enroll in CALA today to begin your transformative leadership journey.

What I will learn?

  • Master Leadership Skills - The hands-on curriculum covers the entire spectrum of skills and several tools needed to become effective managers and leaders

  • Apply growth mindset and leadership approaches in preparation for leading teams and larger projects and initiatives

  • Sharpen business acumen in areas like planning, strategy, performance, and negotiation that can be applied across industries and contexts

  • Focus on Experiential Learning - The focus of the program is to provide practical hands-on assignments to the participants to drive the concepts understanding for application in their environment

Who this course is for?

  • Aspiring Early Career Professionals: Kickstart your leadership journey with CALA's tailored program for emerging leaders.

  • Emerging First-Time Managers & Leaders: Gain the skills needed to excel in your newfound leadership role.

  • Ambitious Business Leaders: Elevate your leadership prowess and drive business success.

  • Driven Technical Leaders: Sharpen your leadership skills in the technical domain.

  • Visionary Start-up Leaders: Lead your start-up to new heights with CALA's leadership insights.

  • Innovative Start-up Founders: Enhance your leadership capabilities as a dynamic start-up founder.

Certification Process

  • Step 1: Take the 2-day course and get instructed by Authorised MASSIVUE Trainers.

  • Step 2: Create login credentials on successful completion of course (instructions will be emailed by MASSIVUE team).

  • Step 3: Take the 1-hour online CALA test which comprises of 50 MCQs.

  • Step 4: Score a minimum of 75% to pass the CALA test, after completing the course.

  • Step 5: Once the test is cleared, you will be requested to accept a license agreement.

  • Step 6: After accepting it, you will receive CALA designation & a 2-year membership from MASSIVUE.

Our Delivery Approach

We meet you where you are

We offer courses for individuals and organisations with flexible delivery options, including online courses and in-person workshops. We cater to unique schedules and goals so you can learn at your own pace.


Learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime

Corporate Training

Train your employees at your choise of facility

Online Live

Instructor Led Online Live sessions for remote teams


Get your teams on a multi-day cohort based learning

Why Should You Register with MASSIVUE ACADEMY?

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Unlock Potential Together

Discover the power of collective growth as you elevate your potential and your team's capabilities.

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Master the Art of Team Problem Solving

Equip yourself with the skills to efficiently tackle challenges and make informed decisions.

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Transform Your Leadership

Learn to lead teams effectively, cultivating a healthier work environment and setting yourself apart as a leader.

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Structured Success

Craft a blueprint for your success, guided by expert insights and strategies.

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Foster Trust and Collaboration

Create a work culture rooted in trust and collaboration, where innovation and idea-sharing thrive.

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Deliver Value with Confidence

Execute projects with precision, enhance productivity, and drive business value efficiently.

Why Should Organizations Choose this course?

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Align Leadership Values

Foster a unified culture by aligning leaders with key leadership values.

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Define Performance Standards

Establish a common understanding of high performance across your organization.

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Personalized Coaching Pathways

Provide leaders with a clear path for personalized coaching and growth.

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Cultivate a Learning Culture

Create an environment where leaders continually learn and develop.

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Access webinars, roundtables, and networking events within the MASSIVUE ecosystem.

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Drive Leadership Excellence

Equip your leaders with the skills needed to excel and drive organizational success.


This course is perfect for those who want to learn about mindset, growth mindset, confidence, success, and how to develop an abundance mindset. It’s also great for anyone who wants to learn more about mindset, personal success, and personal development.

Content for Product Owner

Content for Scrum Master

Content for Project Manager

Content for PMO


Description: Gain a competitive edge with Certified Adaptive Leadership Advocate (CALA) certification. Elevate your leadership skills, improve decision-making, enhance team collaboration, and boost productivity for better business outcomes.
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Enhanced Leadership Skills

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Greater Team Collaboration

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Improved Decision-Making

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Elevated Productivity

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