Deep Dive 2022 Business Agility Report: Business in the New Normal

The 2022 Business Agility Report is one of the trusted source for understanding how Business Agility is being practiced by organisations with a focus on challenges & approach that can improve business outcomes.

In this session, we will deep dive into the systemic & ongoing challenges organisations face in today’s volatile and uncertain world. And learn the ingredients of higher performing organisations as to how you can apply some of the practices to pave a path forward for Business Agility in your organisation.


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Sandeep Joshi

Sustainability Agility, Transformation Leader, Author and Coach

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Evan Leybourn

Cofounder and CEO business Agility Institute

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Organizations contributed to the report
Top Industries with increasing agile adoption - IT, Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Government 
of respondents being decision makers 
Key areas defined for improvement

About The 2022 Business Agility Report

The 2022 Business Agility Report is a comprehensive study that explores the challenges organizations face in today’s volatile and uncertain business environment. It provides insights into the key factors that contribute to higher performance and is based on contributions from 296 organizations worldwide.


The session on the 2022 Business Agility Report is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the report’s findings and insights. Participants will learn about the challenges organizations face and the key practices that can be adopted to become more agile and better equipped to navigate today’s business environment.

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