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Agile consulting focuses on empowering organisations to embrace flexible and iterative development methodologies, enabling them to rapidly respond to changes and optimize their workflows for efficiency.

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We're passionate about empowering businesses and individuals. Our team's diverse skillset and collaborative approach translate into a wide range of course and services designed to help you grow.
Massivue Course

Certified ISSB Professional

Our ISSB Standards Training Course covers key aspects of the framework of both the IFRS S1 General Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information (“IFRS S1”) and the IFRS S2 Climate-related Disclosures (“IFRS S2”). In addition, it also including governance, strategy, risk management, metrics, and targets.
Massivue Course

Registered Scrum Master@Scale™ Certification Training

Embark on a transformative journey with our Registered Scrum Master@Scale™ Certification Training. Discover the intricacies of scaling Scrum and empowering teams for high-impact outcomes.
Massivue Course

SustainAgility Fundamentals

SustainAgility Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively integrate sustainability and agility in organizations to deliver sustainable business outcomes.
Massivue Course

MASSIVUE Product Masterclass

Unleash your inner product champion! Master the product operating model, build high-performing teams, and launch winning products. This Massivue Product Masterclass equips you with the skills to go from strategy to success.
Massivue Course

Agile Software Engineering

Master the art of Agile software engineering with SAFe principles. Learn to deliver high-quality software in a Lean-Agile enterprise.
Massivue Course

Agile Program and Delivery Manager

Unlock the power of Agile Program and Product delivery with our certification. Learn servant leadership, adaptive planning, and value-driven delivery to overcome challenges and drive success in Agile environments.
Massivue Course

Lean Portfolio Management

Unlock the power of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). Learn to optimise your portfolio, prioritise work, and drive value in a fast-changing world of Agile and Lean practices.
Massivue Course

SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master is an advanced-level course designed for experienced Scrum Masters and agile practitioners. Dive deep into the intricacies of Scrum, scaling, and facilitating high-performance teams, while mastering advanced tools and techniques to lead organisations in their agile transformation journey.
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