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Note: We want to assure you that your responses to the State of Adaptive Leadership Survey remains anonymous and identity is strictly not revealed in the final results or elsewhere. 

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1st State of Adaptive Leadership Survey

We’re proud to launch the 1st State of Adaptive Leadership Survey and we’re glad to have you participate and help share your approaches and behaviours of leading in uncertain times. This survey is specially crafted by leadership experts and we intent to understand the key elements of adaptive leadership for the new hybrid world from leaders like you.

We thank you in advance for your support. The is a short survey and may take only 5-7 mins of your time.

Note: If you’re a contractor or consultant, you can answers based on your client’s environment.

This survey aims to broaden your comprehension of

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Download the Adaptive Leadership Pathways PDF to share with your leaders, L&D and Business Sponsors. 

Please note that your participation in the survey will be completely anonymous, so you can feel comfortable sharing your honest opinions and insights with us.